Open Letter


Dear Middlebury,

We attend Middlebury for four years to get an education. We are curious. We are compassionate. We are a community. But it’s time for us to determine what our standards are when it comes to sexual violence.

These are your four years. How will you use them?

On this site, you will find PDFs of both John Doe’s complaint as well as Judge Murtha’s injunction. You will also find some ways to think about adding your voice to this conversation. We encourage you to talk among yourselves, send a note to the Trustees, and take a stand on social media.

As for us? We think that John #doemustgo

Join the Conversation.


There are many ways that Middlebury parents, students, faculty, staff, and alumni can get involved, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Using this opportunity to discuss the impact of sexual violence in our community, as well as educating yourself on the impact of sexual violence in other communities.
  • Attending the upcoming, campus-wide forum on sexual and relationship respect (TBA, Fall 2015).
  • Posting a picture of yourself at an iconic place on campus (or wherever you’re at). Gather a few friends, throw out your thumbs, and don’t forget to tell us why you think that #doemustgo.